Demon Thief is all about Kernel Fleck. He's a young boy who can see mysterious lights other people can't see. Kernel has got a "normal" life - what you consider normal, because the poor boy hassen't got any friends- untill a mysterious man appears. The man has got 8 arms, no heart an little cuts, dripping with blood all over his body. The man came out of some kind of window and Kernel decided to follow him. What happened then, Kernel can't remember. But whatever happened there, he brought back a little boy, that would be his little brother since then. Kernel's parents are a little scared because of Kernels' mysterious brother, and decide to move out to a small town in the middle of nowhere, because if they wouldn't do that, they would have to explain to everyone how they got the small boy.

In this little town, Kernel decides to tell to nobody that he can see weird lights. After a few years of living in the small village, something horrofying happens; during school, demons come out of some kind of portal and kill many of Kernels' friends and teachers and one demon also steals Kernels brother.

More to come soon...